Sand tray therapy was developed by Swiss therapist Dora Kalff in the 1950's. Miniature figurines are utilized to express feelings and experiences that are difficult to talk about.


EMDR is an eloquent  integrative psychotherapy that is perhaps the most researched treatment method for trauma in the last 20 years.  It is not hypnotherapy and does not rely on talk therapy or medications.  Rather, by using one's own rhythmic eye movements to dampen the intensity of emotionally charged memories,  it is more like what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM sleep. This physiologically-based therapy helps a person address negative situations in a new and less distressing way.  

Standardized protocols are successful in treating more issues than post traumatic stress. Some of these include: complicated grief, disturbing memories, phobias, addictions, pain disorders, depression, performance anxiety, just to mention a few.

Before a therapist can be identified as "EMDR-trained", one must receive extensive training and consultation by an EMDR International Association-approved trainer.  Phil is EMDR-trained and currently working toward certification and trainer status.  

If you want to take your life back from the burdens of emotional distress, you can now experience the relief you desire in a family-friendly place that is warm and inviting.
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​​What is Anxiety and what causes it?

Anxiety is an excessive psychological and physiological fear response where one anticipates danger whether it be real or perceived.   It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of anxiety because physical conditions, mental health issues, social situations, alcohol or drug use, or a combination of these factors can result in symptoms.  Frequently, a person suffering from anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks cannot recall the triggering event nor be able to talk about it without experiencing or exacerbating current symptoms. 

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

When high stress events, overwhelming situations, painful  memories, and distressful episodes occur or collect over time, they leave emotional impact craters that are encoded in the primitive emotional midbrain and other non-verbal parts of the brain where verbal language is not readily processed making ordinary talk therapy for ineffective. 

Anxiety Therapy & Trauma Therapy


Developed by Steve Reed, MS, LMFT, LPC, LMSW, the Reed Eye Movement Acupressure Psychotherapy model is an exceptional evidence-based therapy for treating:

  • panic attacks
  • emotional pain 
  • PTSD
  • trauma
  • phobias 
  • loss of a loved one
  • divorce
  • other disorders that directly affect the emotional brain. 

Only a handful of therapists in San Antonio are trained in Quick REMAP which often relieves emotional distress within minutes in a secure and pleasant manner. 
Anxiety therapy does not need to cause anxiety.  Trauma therapy doesn't need to feel traumatic.
With the Brief REMAP techniques, you can work with a caring therapist in a safe place where you will have a relaxing experience and be empowered with the tools and techniques that you can use anywhere and at any time. 

The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing was developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.  and reported in the Journal of Traumatic Stress in 1989. 

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is a powerful, non-verbal therapy where a person uses miniature figurines to visually represent troubling thoughts, concerns, and experiences in a protected space that is safe and where a therapist does not direct, interpret, or interfere with the client's expression.
Sand tray allows the person to express feelings and inner experiences that otherwise would be inaccessible in any other way.
When used in conjunction with emotional calming techniques that a person can use anytime and anywhere, sand tray therapy becomes an effective and eloquent means of treating anxiety, trauma, depression, and phobias in a relatively quick and comfortable manner.
​With sand tray therapy, you can experience for yourself why it is one of the most effective, innovative, and respectful treatments available for individuals, groups, and entire families suffering from trauma and needless anxiety.