Your journey towards full licensure as a professional counselor can be very exciting! In fact, by the time you complete your formal education and LPC internship, your clinical training experience will rival that of most medical professionals!

***Spoiler Alert***               "LPC internship has challenges."  
Typical stressors can be balancing employment while finding a good internship site to earn 3000 hours in addition to paying bills and student loans. Let’s face it, LPC supervisors are very aware of these issues and should help you with these and other concerns related to the counseling profession.   After all, there is much, much more to the business of counseling than theories and interventions.​

What should one expect from a  LPC supervisor?  All LPC supervisors should promote a professional relationship where a LPC-intern can grow as a counselor by enhancing quality outcomes for clients in complex counseling situations, empowering one to increase professional knowledge and competence, and helping the LPC-intern to maintain ethical responsibility for his or her own professional practices.  This should include helping to identify personal strengths and limitations, as well as reviewing current cases and being a type of "gate keeper" for ethical standards of care. 

In order to maximize your internship experience, a strong professional relationship with your LPC supervisor is essential. He or she should be able to help you identify and realize some of your professional goals whether it be working 9 to 5 with a non-profit, supplementing income by counseling on the weekends or evenings, or opening your own practice.

REMEMBER:  Although LPC supervisors are skilled clinicians, they do not share the same skills.

Phil's background.
-- Former seminarian and missionary.

-- EMDR-trained, and received specialized training in trauma-focused modalities including Quick REMAP and sand tray therapy.
-- Specialist in anxiety and trauma disorders, co-occurring disorders, and family counseling.
-- Phil and his wife opened their office in 2012 which is very successful and growing each year.
-- 8 years experience training and supervising counselors in nonprofit and private practice settings.
-- Thousands of hours of court-related experience

As a LPC supervisor, Phil offers LPC-interns opportunities for:
--Flexible supervision meeting times​
-- Learning the $ecret$ to THRIVE as a counselor -- not just survive.
-- Empowering with the tools for commanding top dollar at an agency or in private practice.
-- Acquiring the credentials, skills, and experience to be a specialist when fully licensed.
-- Developing a realistic and ethical professional prosperity psychology.

with Phillip A. Johnson, MA, LPC-S​

I am available for LPC Interns.  Group supervision is Wednesday at 12:000 PM

Individual supervision sessions are scheduled by appointment.

LPC Supervision

Starting supervision is easy.

* Call (210) 716-5040 or email Phil for a consultation.
* Bring copy of all transcripts, and licensure information to the 1st meeting. 
* Download all the necessary forms from the LPC website and bring them to the 1st meeting. 

Fee for supervision is $40 per supervision hour after supervisor approval is received by the board. Supervision sessions average a minimum of 4 hours per month but can be as frequent as necessary. There is no fee-per-meeting.  Supervision meetings are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday at 12PM, Friday,  Saturday at 9AM if necessary, and by appointment.

Personal testimonies

"I would highly recommend Phillip Johnson as a clinical supervisor for LPC's working toward licensure.  Mr. Johnson challenged me to develop an image of myself as a professional who was worthy of being seen as an expert in this field.  Mr. Johnson's background in teaching was evident in his way of handling the supervision process from a multifaceted approach that covered all the essentials of working in this profession.  I was able to procure employment within 60 days of finishing the supervision process and receiving LPC credentials. 
​-- David Bonnet, LPC

"Phil takes nurturing approach in his clinical supervision. He utilizes creativity to motivate self-and-peer learning, rather than giving a lecture or all answers. I can highlight some benefits, such as flexibility, high ethical standard, and great assistance in professional growth, that have helped me realize my potential as a clinician. What I found most compelling were his keen observations about each intern's strengths that can help build practice specialties. With Phil's feedback on my strengths, I now embrace my multicultural identity more than before and think about a creative use of my uniqueness in my clinical practice. The demonstration of a system analysis has continued to help me appropriately market myself in this field."
-- Tomoko Littlejohn, LPC, LCDC, NCC

"I highly recommend Phil Johnson as your LPC counseling supervisor. Phil works with you to develop you own personal counseling skills and techniques. He is very insightful and gives great feedback both in one-on-one and in group counseling sessions. Phil is extremely flexible in helping you to complete your hours and helping you to reach your maximum potential. Lastly, Phil sets the bar high for his ethical standards, which is essential when working in our mental health profession." 

-- Erika Fernandez, LPC

​"If you  are looking for a LPC Supervisor ... look no further!  Phil Johnson has the depth of knowledge that he loves to share; he is inspirational, motivating and dedicated to our profession.  At the start of my internship I was nervous and questioned if I would be ready 3000 hours later .... and I am proud to say that I am.  Phil is creative in his mentorship and has made an incredible impact on my life.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have ."
-- Stacey Rooks, LPC, LCDC