Our programs are certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and we currently offer the following courses:

Drug Offender Education Program (DOEP): 

This program is 15 hours in length and is designed to increase the knowledge of participants by educating them on the dangers of drug abuse and associated illegal activities, to identify their own individual drug-use patterns, and to assist them in developing a personal action plan which will reduce the probability of suffering the consequences in the future by using drugs and illegal behavior. 

The curriculum contains information on the following topics: History of drug abuse, drug/DWI laws, dynamics of drug use, drugs of abuse, how drugs work, cost of use and abuse, health issues, HIV, interpersonal relationships, values and behaviors, past and desired behaviors, getting control of your life, resource options, and personal action planning. We offer two Classes times a day to fit your schedule. Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a certificate. Each class offers Instructors that are state trained and certified, small classes, unlimited parking available, empathy, reasonable fees,  availability, food, and beverages.

  • Our Classes are Small (10 to 11 per class) and will fill up fast.
  • Payment in Full ($80.00) is necessary at beginning of class.
  • No Refunds after classes have begun.
  • Begin registration online. Call 210-716-5040 or email admin@aljonfamily.com to schedule 30-60 minutes to finish the registration process.
  • Full registration is MANDATORY before class starts.
  • A student must attend ALL Five classes, any absences will result in starting over along with the $80 fee.
  • We accept: Cash, Money Orders, and Credit/Debit card (with a processing fee)

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Required Forms (Please print and complete Bring to Scheduled Intake)

1. Aljon DOEP Registration: D.O.E.P. Registration Forms  

2. Aljon DOEP Consent: D.O.E.P. Consent Forms

Registration for Class: D.O.E.P. Class​ Registration