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Welcome to the world of Professional Counseling! 

If you are completing - or soon to complete - your graduate program in mental health, Congratulations!!!

Your journey towards full licensure as a professional counselor can be very exciting.  In fact, by the time your complete your formal education and LPC internship, your clinical training experience will rival that of most medical professionals. 

In the interest of saving you some time ...

  • I CHARGE $40 PER HOUR.  Add $1.15 to that if you plan to use a credit card.   (Aren't banks wonderful?) 
  • If you are primarily interested in only finding someone to sign off on your clinical hours, then I will not be a good fit for you.  I am not one of those supervisors.  
  • If your professional ambition is to practice something along the lines of ... say, ... Alien Abduction Counseling, or some other "unique", therapeutic model, then you may want to seek a different supervisor. 

When seeking out an LPC supervisor, there are several things to consider: What are your professional goals?  For example, do you want to work for a non-profit, a church, desire to open a private practice?  Do you enjoy supervision in a group setting or would you prefer a more individualized experience?  To what measure is the cost of supervision a deciding factor for you?  

Besides having as much fun as possible, my primary responsibility as a supervisor is to insure client safety and maintain ethical responsibility for one's professional practices. Regardless of how often one meets for supervision, the LPC intern works under the LPC supervisor's license 24/7.

Second to that, I strive to help one grow as a counselor while acting as a type of gatekeeper for the profession.  I work to develop a professional relationship with an LPC intern that will enhance quality outcomes for clients in complex clinical situations, help identify personal strengths and limitations, and empower one to increase professional knowledge and competence. 

I do not know why it happened this way, but most LPC interns who work with me are usually veterans or persons starting a second or third career.  In addition to the clinical hours thing, LPC interns learn to identify and acquire the post-graduate skills that are necessary to command top-dollar as a specialist in the healing arts.   In other words, the LPC intern should enjoy working in the profession while earning a living in the process.  After all, you know that those student loans will not go away on their own.  

A little about my background:

  • Board-approved supervisor since 2011. 
  • Extensive background in professional ministry and secondary school education. 
  • Very busy private practice with my wife since 2012. 
  • Professional focus is trauma and family systems.
  • Extensive experience in the criminal justice system since 2008 and have thousands of hours of courtroom experience in Criminal District and Misdemeanor Courts.
  • Served as an expert witness for multiple felony-level cases. 

My philosophy:

  • Professional Counseling is first and foremost, a HEALING ART that requires a certain degree of self-giving from the practitioner and a fair amount of humor.
  • I believe every client already possesses the skills and abilities necessary to solve their problems and achieve their goals in life. Clients need counselors when they are "stuck" as it were. 
  • Professional Counseling is a VERY DYNAMIC FIELD, and the LPC, as a license, can be one of the most versatile credentials on the market and in the healthcare system. 
  • The counseling business is a BUSINESS regardless whether one works pro bono or charges $500 per hour.  No humor there.  It is very much a business with bills to pay and expensive certifications to maintain. 
  •  A Realistic Prosperity Psychology  is a healthy part of any honest professionals' makeup.  
  • An LPC intern's time is just as important as the supervisor's.  We all have obligations at home and at work.  As such, supervision is structured and timely. 
  • I do not charge a lot for supervision, but since LPC supervision is an enormous responsibility with a concomitant degree of liability, I prefer to keep a maximum of 5 to 6 LPC interns.  

Still Interested in Supervision? 

Call or email me.  I'd be happy to chat.

210-716-5040      admin@aljonfamily.com